Theatre Plexus Polaire, France

Chambre Noire

Denmark premiere

Chambre Noire takes place at the death bed of Valerie Jean Solanas (1936-1988).
Valerie Jean Solanas was the most beautiful girl in America, a talented psychology student, who spent her life in and out of mental institutions. She was the first intellectual prostitute, author, radical feminist, creator of SCUM Manifesto – and the woman behind the unsuccessful attempted murder of Andy Warhol.
A character who was complex, multi-layered, scandalous – and totally human.
The performance was inspired by Sara Stridsbergs novel “The Faculty of Dreams” and is an interaction between puppeteer Yngvild Aspeli and percussionist and singer Ane Marthe Sørlien Holen.
In this performance are human sized puppets, songs, video projections, a good bit of humor – and a desert of loneliness.

Performers: Yngvild Aspeli, Ane Marthe Sørlien Holen and Paola Rizza
Director: Yngvild Aspeli
Playwright: Pauline Thimonnier
Puppets: Yngvild Aspeli, Pascale Blaison, Polina Borisova
Scenography: Elisabeth Holager Lund
Composer: Guro Moe
Video/light: Xavier Lescat and David Lejard-Ruffet
Costumes: Sylvia Denais


Age: Adults
Language: English
Price: 100 kr.
Duration: 70 minutes


Jysk Musikteater
store sal
Saturday 9/11 at 20:30

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