Theatre La Pendue, France

Tria Fata

Denmark premiere

She is a puppeteer and a dancer. He is a musician. Life and death play out in their cabaret. The performance is about an older woman. Death is near her door. Her time has come. In order to delay her fate, the woman begins to tell about her life. We are invited into her unusually positive and exciting life from birth to death, from childhood to adult love.
Tria Fata has come about through the director’s experiences and through talks with her dying mother. A thought provoking and life-affirming musical performance has taken form.
In the piece we meet a musician, a puppeteer and a large array of puppets, manipulated with many techniques.The show has been presented at many of the large international puppet festivals.
A sublime performance for young and old.

Performers: Estelle Charlier and Martin Kaspar Läuchli
Director: Romric Dangars
Puppets: Estelle Charlier and Romuald Collinet
Scenography: Estelle Charlier and Romuald Collinet
Composer: Martin Kaspar Läuchl


Age: From 13 years
Language: English
Price: 75 kr.
Duration. 55 minutes


Friday 8/11 at 20:00
Saturday 9/11 at 13:00

Buy tickets (possible from 9th September at 10.00)

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