Iron Ring

Experience Shostakovich’s 7th Symphony in Iron Ring, a puppet theatre performance for young and old from 15 years and up. See Rolf Heim’s and Rolf Søborg’s critically acclaimed performance about the 872 days long siege of Leningrad by the Germans during WWII.
Using Shostakovich’s entire 7th Symphony (1941) – “Leningrad Symphony”, puppet theatre grows out of the music and shows a poetic story of a family in Leningrad during the siege.Iron ring is a poem of images to a fantastic musical work. The music carries us throughout the story and the audience will experience the bombing as grotesque and touching images, for example with Stalin as a pole dancer and Death in grotesque forms. A image series of despair, heroism and the will for survival in spite of the atrocities of war.

Press: “Frighteningly horrible, but also divinely beautiful in strange dream sequences; like a near death experience set to music…”Anne Middelboe Christensen, Information

Performers: Bo Carlsson, Pernille Nedergaard Haugensen, Henriette Aarup Eriksen and Yulia Lystbæk
Composer: Dmitri Dmitriyevich Shostakovich
Puppets: Rolf Søborg Hansen
Director: Rolf Heim
Light: Raphael Solholm


Age: From 15 years
Language: No language
Price: 75 kr.
Duration: 70 minutes


Jysk Musikteater ➎
lille sal
Friday 8/11 at 20:00
Saturday 9/11 at 13:00

Buy tickets (possible from 9th September at 10.00)

Jern-Ring Trailer from Bådteatret i København on Vimeo.

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