Teater Patrasket:


Arthur and Marta are two very old puppeteers, who have been together their whole lives. Using a magical pavilion as a central point, they tell the story of poor orphan Max who wants so much to fly. All alone in the world Max has to endure so much, humiliated at the orphanage and exploited in the circus. That is until he meets the giraffe Lily and a great love which might just give him wings….
“Fly” takes children on an adventurous voyage in a universe of poetic clowning and puppetry with odd characters, big feelings and magical images. A new way of telling a story about bullying and repression, and about daring to take the leap towards freedom and love.

Press:“.. a beautiful, sensitive and deeply nostalgic performance for the early school ages…absolutely wonderful.”
Anne Middelboe, Teateravisen

Performers: Maria Myrgård and Dirck Backer
Composer: Giacomo Ravicchio
Director: Giacomo Ravicchio
Scenographer: Giacomo Ravicchio
Puppets: Katrine Karlsen


Age: 5 – 11 years.
Language: Danish
Price: 40 kr.
Duration 60 minutes


Friday 8/11 at 16:00
Saturday 9/11 at 11:00

Buy tickets (possible from 9th September at 10.00)

FLYV from Giacomo Ravicchio on Vimeo.

Festival of Wonder 2019