Theatre David Dimitri, Switzerland

The Circus Man

Scandinavian premiere

The Circus Man is a unique new circus, performed by only one person, the world famous high wire walker David Dimitri from Switzerland.This show is a poetic and poignant combination of high wire walking, acrobatics, music, dance and dangerous, nervy stunts. The audience holds its breath when David Dimitri executes the enormously difficult stunts. Will he do a somersault on the line? And what is the man-sized canon to be used for?
As a finale he walks on the theatre’s high wire, leaves the tent balancing on a thin cable and goes out through the roof of the big tent, as he waves goodbye to his impressed audience.David Dimitri gives us a break-neck and humorous performance. Here is everything one can expect of a modern circus show for the whole family. This show definitely lives up to the 2019 Festival of Wonder theme “Theatre of life and death’.
The tent is heated!

Performers: David Dimitri
Concept and idea: David Dimitri
Playwright: David Dimitri
Choreography: David Dimitri
Scenography: David Dimitri


Ager: From 6 years and adults
Language: No language
Prices: 75 kr.
Duration: 55 minutes


Thursday 7/11 at 17:30
Friday 8/1 at 11:00 (closed performance)
Friday 8/11 at 17:00
Saturday 9/11 at 15:00
Sunday 10/11 at 13:00

Buy tickets (possible from 9th September at 10.00)

Festival of Wonder 2019